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Industrial chic workplace

Date :
Jun 2011
Location : 777 Hay Street Perth Western Australia
Project type :Corporate design fit out

Brief :
The project is to redesign the fit-out of a branch office for a leading architectural company. It is a planning work space for creative people who are team based and share ideas and projects across and within disciplines. A cross communication environment is required. The client is also moving to simplify processes; abandoning unnecessary processes or documentation and working towards an informal and flexible manner. This concept has to be taken and transformed into an office design.Concept :
The design strategy is based on the traditional Japanese philosophy that the ideal of beauty is attained through subtraction; the resulting emptiness creates harmony and leaves space for the imagination; the functional industrial-like aesthetics used embody this concept. Applying an industrial-like aesthetic in a sophisticated manner whilst giving the users comfort and creating a professional corporate image was challenging. The existing decorative moulding ceiling remains and provides a contrast to the plain contemporary elements.