I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan.  I majored in art history at university, and have a deep interest in art appreciation. During my career as a fashion buyer I had many demanding jobs, including one as a resident officer in Milan.  I have been fortunate to have many opportunities that have allowed me to grow and cultivate a unique flair which has been greatly inspired by meeting many different people and exposure to many different cultures. 

Upon moving to Perth, I realised that the transient nature of the fashion industry was something that was not what I desired. This lead me to became an interior designer, where I could still utilise my practical skills but use my creative side to a much greater extent in an industry that seemed more relevant to where I wanted to go.

 All my life influences and experiences combine and are significant in my approach to interior design.  However, at the core of my approach there is an artistic sensibility which is part of being Japanese, as if it was embedded as DNA. Grace and a subtle and modest aesthetic consciousness as seen in the traditional “wabi-sabi” artistic sense flows through my designs and are a major part of my design ethos; I continually draw on them to deliver clean, crisp and pragmatic interior designs.